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How do I receive an item that is far away?

Items can be shipped with shipping carriers like USPS and Fedex.

What about payment?

Facebook offers payment however paypal is recommended with buyer protection.

Can I trust the sellers?

This is up to your discretion, especially if you are asking a seller to ship an item to you sight unseen.

The website is not working

The site works best in google chrome and you must be logged into Facebook.

I don't see any results

You must return to to perform a new search.

Search World Marketplace is currently not compatible with "New Facebook". Switch back to the classic version

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Now I'm seeing results in Dubai?

This may happen if you don't do the previous.

Who made this website?

Nathan Johnson - Milwaukee, Wisconsin. See contact page

How did you do it?

A top secret algorithm

Are you affiliated with facebook?

Search World Marketplace is not at all affiliated with Facebook

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